Sunday, June 9, 2013

In a Dream Paradise

I can see you in the night, even though you were covered by the dark and clouds. I've fallen in the deepest river, until my hand can't rise on the top to say goodbye to you.

But you just smile in every  burden that I carry. So let me see the snow was changed to be rain, let me see the truth. And found some glass were pierced in my heart, kill me slowly in my silent. How pity I'm, waiting a girl in a uncertainty time. So, how lucky you are, hold her hand when I began drift down in the black river with some pieces of hope.

So, now I'm broken. I left and put this memories in a little box, I want to throw it far away so I can't find it again. But I hope I can open it again, again, and hold the box with you in a dream paradise.

*) This is about my feeling and she has never seen it.


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